Finance Recruitment

Finding talented Senior Finance Leaders for organizations

We specialise in helping clients fill senior leadership roles including Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Finance Directors and Financial Controllers.

Finance Recruitment is challenging and the competencies required to ensure candidates have the right qualifications, skills, knowledge, aptitude and attitude are only aquired with significant experience.

We are proud to have a Finance Recruitment team led by an experienced qualified Accountant and former Finance Director with incredible knowledge.

Our experience ensures that we can genuinely understand your vacancy and get a clear picture of the actual day in the life for potential candidates, and the contribution required by your new employee to deliver your objectives. It also means we are able to conduct robust screening, interviewing and competency checks that are relevant and that ensure the right skills, qualifications and contribution is brought to your organization.

We believe that continuity in a leadership team is vital and we want to facilitate introductions to the people that will help you achieve it.

If you are an employer needing support with recruitment, or a Senior Finance candidate who would like to register with Fleet Recruitment, please contact us for more information.